The Live Hive Shop

Come visit us at the Live Hive Shop, our Helensville retail outlet, and explore NZ’s first one-stop-shop for beekeepers!

At SJA you’ll discover everything from live bees to a full range of hive ware, supplies and equipment. It’s a time-saver for the honey producers needing a quick stock up and a haven for the hobbyist – especially the first-timer looking to gear up!

At the Live Hive Shop you’ll find:
5 Frame, with bees, brood, stores and a freshly mated SJA Queen using Betta Bee Italian Genetics. Supplied in a Hive Doctor NUC Box, simply transfer to your existing hive ware to get started. (By Pre-order only)

Full Single Hive Starter Kits
7 Frame Hives, with Bees, Brood, Stores and a freshly mated SJA Queen using Betta Bee Italian Genetics. Also fitted with a 3 frame internal feeder, and plastic queen excluder. These packages are ideal for first-time apiarists, perfect for the lifestyle block or a big back yard. (By Pre-order only)

SJA Mated Queens & Queen Cells
Whether you’re fixing or splitting, our Betta Bee genetics ensure the optimisation of your hives performance. (By Pre-order only)

General Hive Ware
Need an extra honey super or starting another hive? Come in and check out our off-the-shelf hive ware ready to take home and use.

Beekeeping Supplies
All the tools of the trade to get you going!

  • Bee suits and other protective clothing
  • Smokers and hive tools
  • Varroa treatments
  • Sugar syrup

Where to find us
The Live Hive Shop is located at 50 Mill Road, Helensville, a scenic 40 min drive from Central Auckland. We’re open Wednesday to Saturday, 9:00am to 1:00pm. Stop by for a visit, or contact our retail team on 09 4208811 or at to find out more.

A note on pre-orders!
At the Live Hive we try to make as much stock available as we can so you can simply pick up and drive off. However, when it comes to live bees we all know they’re not made in a factory! So it’s a good idea to contact our retail team and pre-order to avoid disappointment.