about us

The sweet taste of SJA success comes from our simple focus on our customers and their success.

We understand that commercial beekeepers need quality, reliable, disease free bees in the right quantities and at the right time of the year to produce a honey crop, make splits or go into pollination.

Our job is to ensure that this is exactly what they get for the right price and with the right advice.

With this in mind we’ve built the business across the Kiapara district to around 3500 hives plus up to 5000 Nucs for Queen and Nuc production.

We produce commercial Quantities of Package Bees, Hives, Nucs, Mated Queens, Virgin Queens, and Queen Cells for the industry. We Also provide pollination services to Orchards from the Bay of Plenty to the Far North.

While we do produce honey, how ever unlike most commercial operations it’s never been our core focus but rather a by-product of keeping good quality bees.

The principals of quality and customer focus is instilled right through the business, with every member of the team understanding the vital role they play. From the presentation of the factory, making up and painting the boxes, producing the best Queen Cells, keeping the hives and bees in the best condition, making the best Queens and having the best packaging and right through to providing the customer with the best product and customer service to ensure they have the best chance to succeed.