About Us

Currently operating over 5,000 hives in the North Auckland region, SJA ships out an average of 4,000 live hives and Nucs across the North Island every year!

The sweet taste of SJA success comes from our simple focus on quality. As a shareholder in the NZ Betta Bee breeding program, we raise only the best Italian stock available to distribute strong, resilient, thriving hives to a wide network of Bee keepers who love our bees.

We also manufacture our own custom hive ware and equipment, with products that are built to last and field-tested on our own sites. Here we like to apply our own innovations, as well as some good old fashioned – “we can do this better” thinking, enhancing the product range made available to the NZ commercial beekeeping industry.

SJA stands apart in offering unique value to the busy beekeeper, supplying everything from live bees, queens, cells, hive ware, and the all tools of the trade in the one order.

For locals, hobbyists and small operators we’ve opened our Live Hive Shop, located in Helensville just 40 minutes’ drive from central Auckland. It’s a one-stop-shop for beekeepers stocking live bees, general hive ware and beekeeping supplies as well as starter kits for the first-timers.