our team

Jason Marshall – Managing Director

SJA Honey began over a decade ago in Jason’s back yard. His ethos is simple, “quality, innovation and dependable service.” To date, Jason’s successful formula has seen SJA Honey evolve into a diverse and modern business dedicated to servicing the commercial beekeeping industry 

Jenna Marshall – Admin HR

From the beginning, Jenna has played a vital supporting role in every aspect of the company. Under Jenna’s capable watch, all stakeholders from to staff to suppliers, are paid on time, every time.

Brad Rynbeck – Operations and 2ic

Brad has a long history with the business and has an in-depth knowledge of all the business operations, Brad is also an expert beekeeper and oversees much of the day to day running of the staff and Bees 

Yvette Amadia – AFB Detector dog handler

Yvette has joined the company as our dedicated dog handler. Yvette has had a life long interest in dogs and jumped at this outstanding opportunity. Yvette and Milo spend there evenings in the winter going through all of the companies hives in the ongoing search for AFB.

Kelly White – Senior Beekeeper 

Kelly joined the company in 2014 and has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial Beekeeping from, preparing hives for honey, making splits, running poly nucs and moving hives around the country.

Livvy – Team Leader 

After joining SJA as an apprentice, Livvy has progressed through the ranks to team Leader team. Her passion lies in rearing healthy hives, Livvy is a team player and thrives on being organised

Graham – Team Leader 

Graham joined the company in 2017 and has quickly become a great asset to the company, he has a passion for bees and knows how to get the job done.

Palmo – Team Leader 

Palmo joined the company in 2015 from the Philippines he has vast experience with bees and is an expert beekeeper Palmo has had a long international in beekeeping career in the Philipines, Canada and New Zealand. 

Ian – Queen Breeder 

Ian joined the company in 2017, Ian has a degree in apiculture and prides himself in making top quality queen cells

Mellissa – Queen Breeder 

Mellissa Joined the Company in 2015 and has worked in the  honey hives, Nucs and then settles in the queen mating nucs. Mellissa is an expert at running large numbers of poly nucs and selecting quality mated queens for our customers

Simeon – Queen Breeder

Simeon Joined the company in 2017 from Macedonia Simeon has had a life long career with bees and has extensive experience in all aspects of beekeeping he is a great asset to the team and always has time to tell a story.