Now available in New Zealand and Canada

Some of the biggest challenges we face as beekeepers are keeping costs under control, repopulating winter loses and ensuring our hives are strong enough to go onto a honey flow or into pollination. we all know that week hives are not suitable for pollination and don’t make honey!

Package Bees are a great way to re-populate your winter loses, create new hives in the spring time or strengthen up weaker hives.

More bees than a nuc with out the frames or hive that you don’t need. SJA packages are a winner.

Each Package come in a ventilated box with 1kg, 1.5kg or 2kg’s of young of bees and a mated Queen. these can be placed directly into a hive with drawn frames. Once in the hive the bees will need to be fed or given honey frames.

Package bees are really an artificial swarm and they have some great advantages.

Some more reasons Packaged Bees make sense:

* Easy to transport

* Quick to Install

* Cost effective

* More bees than a Nuc

* Perfect for populating winter loses

* Great for strengthening week hives for pollination or a honey flow

* Easily turn unproductive loss making hives into a money makers.

* You don’t get all the extra frames that you don’t need.

* Customise your package 1, 1.5 or 2 kgs and with or with out a Queen.

All Queens are grafted from carefully selected Breeder Queens

Package bees are available in September and October in New Zealand and February March and April in Canada

We’re also very pleased to have partnered with Paradis Honey to take our package bees to beekeepers all over Canada.

Meet Paradis Honey. 

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