As a shareholder in Betta Bee, a NZ based beekeeper-funded research entity, SJA Queens are sourced from the latest Betta Bee thoroughbreds. Our in-house breeding programme supplies high performing bees to bee keepers countrywide utilising the best Artificially Inseminated Italian Queens.

Mated Queen Bees (Italians) with BettaBee Genetics
Betta Bee has a nice ring to it, but it’s also pretty accurate. Recognising the advantage of strength in numbers, a collective of NZ beekeepers got together in 2004 to fund research into breeding queens. The resulting bee stock ensure better genetic diversity, and a number of other selected traits for optimising hive performance in the commercial environment. The group called the research collective, Betta Bee Genetics.

SJA Honey is a shareholder in the Betta Bee Genetic programme with access to a regular supply of the latest advancements made in Italian Breeder Queen genetics.

BettaBee Queens exhibit the following characteristics to optimise your hive performance:

  • Resistance to Parasitic Mite Syndrome
  • Optimal honey production
  • Brood viability
  • Docility
  • Temperament
  • Hygienic behaviour traits
  • General absence of brood disease
  • Faster spring build up


All of SJA Honey’s bee stock are descended from Betta Bee Artificially Inseminated Italian Breeder Queens via our in-house breeding programme. Producing a large quantity of cells each week, our experienced team ensures a regular supply of top quality Queens destined for every SJA hive produced.

When can I order?
Mated Queens are available by pre-purchase arrangement September to April. Distribution is available nationwide via courier or by pickup from the Live Hive Shop, our Helensville retail outlet. Place your order