bee genetics

Every beekeeper understands that the heart and soul of the hive is the Queen Bee. A good Queen means a healthy productive disease free and profitable hive and this is an absolute must for any beekeeping business

With the aim of producing the best bees in the industry for the industry we select and monitor breeder Queens for Genetic Diversity, Hygienic Behaviour, Production Traits, Vigour, Temperament and Colour.

We source Breeder Queens to monitor and trial each year from exceptional hives selected from the field in our own apiaries and Selected Breeder Queens from other well known Queen Breeders in New Zealand including artificially inseminated Breeder Queens from “Bettabees Research Ltd”

As a shareholder in Betta Bees Research Limited we get a substantial number of artificially inseminated Italian Breeder Queens each year. We use these throughout the business to ensure we keep a clean Italian bloodline with all the latest advancements and improvements each year.

Betta Bees have now introduced a unique trait known as VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) into their breeding lines. This means is that the bees are great hive housekeepers. Their hive-cleaning interferes with the gestation of the Varroa mite, which means less mites and healthier brood.

Aside from VSH you will also find our bees have many other excellent qualities that you will find great in your business


Wintering well

Great brood pattern

Docile and easy to work with

Easy to stimulate brood production

Excellent foragers and honey producers

And lets face it they just look damn good!