Why Betta Bees?

Betta Bee Italian Queens now have unique trait known as VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene). In layman’s terms, our Queens are great hive housekeepers. Their hive-cleaning interferes with the gestation of the Varroa mite, which means less mites and healthier brood. Aside from VSH, they also have many other excellent qualities, including higher honey yield, better temperament and a general absence of brood disease.

Betta Bee Genetics is a research entity started by NZ beekeepers and is still funded today by 28 NZ commercial beekeeping shareholders, including SJA. Since 2004, the passionate experts at Betta Bee have been carefully breeding stronger, healthier and more productive bees. Using Italian bee genetics, over the years they have painstakingly analysed, assessed and tracked the best bee performers for replication in their breeding program. To find out more visit

As a Betta Bee shareholder, SJA’s breeder bees are sourced from Betta Bee’s latest thoroughbreds, Artificially Inseminated Italian Breeder Queens. Our experienced team at SJA run a thriving in-house breeding programme to keep up with the demand for our high-quality queens from leading honey producers across the country.

SJA’s Betta Bee Italian Queens exhibit the following characteristics to optimise your hive performance:

  • Resistance to Parasitic Mite Syndrome
  • Optimal honey production
  • Brood viability
  • Docility
  • Temperament
  • Hygienic behaviour traits
  • General absence of brood disease
  • Faster spring build up