queen cells

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Did you know? 10 – 12 day old queen cells are a cost effective alternative to mated Queens and virgins. Queen Cells can be placed directly into a Queenless colony with a 60 to 95% success rate within 3 – 4 weeks, and are also a great way to improve diversity.

In autumn, Queen Cells can also provide an excellent solution to re-queening. Simply place a wrapped or protected SJA Queen cell into any Queen-right hive. When the cell hatches the new Italian virgin Queen bee will super-cede the existing Queen. Once mated, the new Queen leads the colony going into the winter and following seasons. Fresh autumn-mated queens have been found to outperform older Queens with more vigour and greater disease resistance. They’re also known for less swarming in the spring than older Queens.

When can I order?

Queen Cells are available from September to April either pick up from our Depot in Waitoki or delivered to you nearest airport anywhere in the country. Place your order