Queen Cells

Did you know? 10 – 12 day old queen cells are a cost effective alternative to mated queens. Queen Cells can be placed directly into a queenless colony with a 60 to 95% success rate within 2 – 4 weeks, and are also a great way to improve diversity.

In autumn, Queen Cells can also provide an excellent solution to re-queening. Simply place a wrapped or protected SJA queen cell into any queen-right hive. When the cell hatches the new Italian virgin queen bee will supercede the existing queen. Once mated, the new Queen leads the colony going into the winter and following seasons. Fresh autumn-mated queens have been found to outperform older queens with more vigour and greater disease resistance. They’re also known for less swarming in the spring than older queens.

When can I order?
Queen Cells are available on a pre-purchase arrangement from September to April directly from our Helensville retail outlet. Place your order