Autumn Hive & NUC Sales

Wintered Plywood NUC’s NOW ON SALE – Get a head start on spring 2017 with your winter ready NUC from SJA Honey. Ready for dispatch April/May, your NUC’s have 5 frames of SJA’s top quality Italians & stores, ready wintered down. Each colony is varroa treated and be in great shape for spring buildup. Specially priced at $380+GST these NUC’s are presented in a used but sound SJA quality plywood NUC box which will still prove useful for a season or two more to come.

Wintered Singles and Doubles NOW ON SALE – SJA Wintered down Single & Double Hives for April/May Pickup. Singles $600+GST, Doubles $900+GST either presented on a new paraffin dipped wooden floor or new Hive Doctor floor. All other hive ware 1-3 years old and in excellent condition. Varroa treated and full of winter stores, these hives will be ready for spring splits early, a great way to start your next season.

SJA is the north island’s foremost supplier of NUC hives to the NZ commercial beekeeper.

Contact us to secure your order and rest easy knowing next season is already catered for!